Thursday Session’s Farewell to Bagitos, The

Key: G

Form: March (a retreat march in the Scottish style)


T:The Thursday Session's Farewell to Bagitos
C:Kenric A Kite ©2020
G<A |: "G" B2d2 "G" c>A G<F | "G" G2 DC B,A, G,2 | "G" B2d2 "D" c>A G<F | "G" G6 Bc
| ”G” d2 d<g "C"e2 dc | "G" d>B d<g "C" e2 dc | "Em"B2 Bd "D" c>A G<F |1 "G" G2 DC B,A, G,2 :|2 "G" G6 Bc
|: "G" d2 Bd "C" 3ggg f>e | "G" d6 Bc | "G" d2 Bd "C" 3gag f>e | "G" d6 Bc | "G" d2 Bd g2 fe
| ”Em" 3ded "C" Bd g2 GA | "G" B2d2 "D" c>A G<F |1 "G" G6 B>c :|2 "G" G6 z2 || O "G"G2 DC B,A, HG,2 | HA,2 (G,2G,2) z2


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Source: Kenric A. Kite (copyright) 

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Region: USA, Vermont

Notes: Bagitos was a local eatery featuring bagels in Montpelier Vermont where local musicians gathered to play every Thursday morning. It closed, sadly, and the last gathering coincided with the start of the covid-19 lockdowns of 2020.