Luke the Bear

Key: D

Form: Reel


X: 1
T: Luke the Bear
C: David A Kaynor Feb.2017
R: reel
Z: 2020 John Chambers 
M: C|
L: 1/8
K: D
de |:\
"D"f3e d2AG | FAdA FAcd |\
[1,3 "A"e3d cAAF | "Em"GABc "A"defg :|\
[2,4 "A"e3d cAFG | Addc "D"d2 :|
|: FG |\
"D"A3G FDEF | "A7"GFGE "D"FDD2 |\
[1,3 A3G FDEF | "Em"GEFD "A"E2 :|\
[2,4 "Em"EFGA Bcde | "A"f2ec "D"d2 :|
%%text for Shirley Griffin


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Harmonized low









Source (if known): David A Kaynor

Other Tunes in Set*: Michael Robinson, Flagstaff

Region: USA

*Notes: Three tunes composed by David Kaynor and arranged by him in the order Michael Robinson/Luke the Bear/Flagstaff for the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra.