Barlow Knife

Key: G*

Form: Reel


X: 1
T:Barlow Knife [1]
S:Kuntz – Ragged But Right
ef|g2 gg fgaf|g2 g2 d2 (g2|g2) bg f2 af|efge d2 ef|g2 gg fgaf g2 g2 d2 (g2|
g2) bg f2 af|efge d2 (3Bcd||
|:e2 d2 BABd|e2 dB G2 g2|efed BAGB|A2 G2 G2 (e2|e)fed BABd|e2 dB G2g2|
efed BAGB|A2 G2 G2 (A2|A2) Ad BA G2|A2 d2 G2 (A2|A2) Ad BAGB|
A2 G2 G2 (A2|A2) Ad BA G2|A2 d2 G2 (A2|A2) Ad BAGB|A2 G2 G2||


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Sheet Music in PDF: Barlow_Knife


Source (if known): Trad.

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Region: USA (Old Time)

*Notes: The video above is played in G, presumably to suit the singer’s range.  This tune is shown in D and G about equally in many sources.