VFO Practice Tunes

Tunes for Summer 2021 Gigs  The Vermont Fiddle Orchestra is planning to return to in-person performances by smaller groups of VFO musicians during the summer.  See Upcoming Performances on the VFO website for locations and dates. For these gigs, we’ll be playing from the following set-list:

> Over The Waterfall
> Bonnie At Morn
> Great Uncle Henry’s / Ganglat Fran Vigelsjo
> Pols. Aka One Thousand Fiddles
> Burning Wine
> Cat in the Hopper
> MacGregor’s March
> Charlie Hunter’s Jig / The Young Scotty
> Highland Donald / East Neuk O’ Fife / Deveron Reel
> Green Hills of Tyrol
> The Fiery Clockface
> Hollow Poplar
> JD Robinson of Brasstown
> Going down to Cairo / Johnny, Johnny, Don’t Get Drunk
> Kitchen Girl
> Jamie Allen
> Miss Rowan Davies

> Y Lily
> Lambingfold
> The Lament for the Death of the Reverend Archie Beaton
> Telephone Tune
> You Married My Daughter But You Didn’t / Reel St Antoine
> Madame Bolduc
> Old Parnell Reel
> The Quail She is a Pretty Bird / Salt Creek
> Paddy on the Handcar / Speed The Plough
> Pressley Manor
> Nail That Catfish to The Tree / Possum Up A Gum Stump
> Sackett’s Harbor
> Sitting Bull
> Year of Jubilo
> Miss Cindy’s Waltz

In normal times the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra plays two formal concerts each year in early winter and early spring.  However, due to covid, the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 sessions continued virtually via Zoom, learning and rehearsing weekly.

New tunes introduced in upcoming seasons will be posted below roughly in the order they are taught.  Music Director Peter Macfarlane also posts audio and sheet music here for the tunes he teaches.

To access the Fall 2020 VFO tunes, click here or enter “VFO aut20” in the Search box at right.

To access the Spring 2021 VFO tunes, click here or enter “VFO spr21” in the Search box at right.

Tunes for the Fall 2021 season will be posted here as they are taught, starting in September:

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