Michael Robinson

Key*: Dm/D

Form: Jig


"Dm"fed d2A | d3 def | "C"ecA A2c | "Am"e3 efg |\
"Dm"fed d2A | d3 def | "C"ecA ABc |1 "Dm"d3 d2"Am"e :|2 "Dm"d3 "A"e^fg |][K:D]
"Dm"d2A F2D | A3 A2d | "C"cGE E2G | "Am"c3 cde |\
"Dm"d2A F2D | A3 A2d | "C"cGE EGA |1 "Dm"A3 A2"Am"c :|2 "Dm"A3 "A"^cde |][K:D]
"D"a2f def | "G"g2B "Em"e2A | "A"cde e2A | "D"f3 efg |\
"D"a2f def | "G"g2B "A"e2A | "G"Bcd "A"d2c | "D"d3 "A"efg |]
"D"a2f def | "G"g2B "Em"e2A | "A"cde e2A | "D"fef gab |\
"D"a2f def | "G"g2B "A"e2A | "G"Bcd "A"d2c | "D"d3- d3 |]
"D"f2d Acd | "G"d2G "Em"B2E | "A"ABc c2E | "D"d3 cde |\
"D"f2A Acd | "G"d2G "A"A2E | "G"GAB "A"A2G | "D"[A3F3] "A"c2e |]
"D"f2d Acd | "G"d2G "Em"B2E | "A"ABc c2E | "D"dcd efg |
"D"f2d Acd | "G"d2G "A"A2E | "G"G2B "A"A2A | "D"[A3F3]- [A3F3] |]


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Source (if known): David Kaynor

Other Tunes in Set**: Luke the Bear, Flagstaff

Region: USA, Appalachia

*Notes: David notes that the key is D but that the A part is played in Dm.
** Three tunes composed by David Kaynor and arranged by him in the order Michael Robinson/Luke the Bear/Flagstaff for the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra.