Bob’s Boomerang*

Key: G

Form: Jig

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MP3: (Played by Susan Reid)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Bob’s Boomerang


Source: Anita Anderson (Copyright)

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Region: USA (for English Country Dance)

*Notes: Composer Anita Anderson writes of this tune’s title, “A talented Brit was on his way from the old country to a new life in Australia and stopped in Seattle to visit a dance/music friend. While there he met a lovely and congenial woman, but he was on his way, with a visa and a job waiting, and sadly he kept going west. Still, they kept in touch, and within a few months he’d quit his job and come back to Seattle to marry her. They are still happily together. So his travels described approximately the path of a boomerang, and he bounced nicely back to his destiny here. I thought it deserved a tune, and Mike Richardson obliged with a dance to match.”