Gamle Jes Sonnichsens styk*

Key: D*

Form: Sønderhoning*

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MP3: (played by Susan Reid)

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Region: Denmark, 

*Notes: Susan Reid writes, “My fingers tell me that at least some of the time I play this in G.”

Hanne Bornefelt (from Denmark, I presume) contributed this tune, writing, “”Sønderhoning” come from the small island Fanø, which is situated at the west coast of Jutland in Denmark. Sønderhoning is a very special form of music and the dance too. There is about 90 known Sønderhoning”

My Danish-speaking relative translates this title as “Old Jes Sonnichsen’s Piece (or Tune)”.  She provides these hints as to pronunciation:

Gamle: gam, the ga sound as gobble, le (the lu sound as in luck
Jes: a name pronounced like yes
Sonnichsens: a name pronounced like son-itch-son’s
Styk: pronounced like stook

And she notes that Danish does not employ apostrophes to denote the possessive, as in Jes Sonnichsens.