Pete’s March

Key: D

Form: March


X: 1
T: Pete's March
C: Bob McQuillen
Z: John Chambers <email hidden; JavaScript is required>, rev. T. Traub 5-20-02
M: C
L: 1/4
K: D
A,B,| "D"D2  "Bm"D>F | "G"ED "D"D>E | "D"FA Ad | "G"B2 "D"A2 | "Bm"f>e df | "G"e>d Bd | "Em"A>B AF | "A7"FE A,B, || 
"D"D2  "Bm"D>F | "G"ED "D"D>E | "D"FA Ad | "G"B2 "D"A2 | "D"f>e "Bm"df | "G"e>d Bd | "A7"AF EF/E/ | "D"D2 de || 
"D"f2 f>g | "D7"fe d>f | "G"ed Bd | "D"BA "A"FE | "D"DF Ad | "Bm"fa gf | "Em"ed fd | "E7"f2 "A"e2 || 
"D"f2 f>g | "D7"fe dd | "G"ed Bd | "D"BA "A"FE | "Bm"DF "D"Ad | "G"dB A>g | "A7"fe dc | "D"d2 |]


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Sheet Music in PDF: Pete’s March


Source: Bob McQuillen

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Region: New England, USA