March of Saint Timothy

Key: G

Form: March


X: 1
T: The March Of Saint Timothy
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"G"B3c d2B2 |"D7"A3B c2A2 |"Em"G3A B2G2 |"Bm"G2F2E2D2 |"C"E3F G2E2 |
"G"D2G2B2d2 |1"Am"c3B A2G2 |"D7"F2A2D2c2 :|2"Am"cBAG "D7"F2A2 | "G"G6 dd||
"D7"c2d2 A2c2 | F2A2 D2dd |"G"B2d2 G2B2 | D2G2 B,2dd |
"D7"c2d2 A2c2 | F2A2 D2dd |"G"d2D2 E2F2 | G2A2 B2dd |
"D7"c2d2 A2c2 | F2A2 D2dd |"G"B2d2 G2B2 | D2G2 B,2D2 |
"C"E3F "C#dim"G2E2 |"G"D2G2 "Em"B2d2 |"Am"cBAG "D7"F2A2|"G"G8 |]

MP3: (Played by David Kaynor)

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Sheet Music in PDF*The March Of Saint Timothy


Source (if known): Judi Morningstar (copyright)

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Region: USA, Michigan

*Notes: ABC and sheet music courtesy of,  Also this comment: “It was written in 1985 by Judi Morningstar of the Ruffwater String Band and came to be named for a Detroit-based Christmas Country Contra held at St. Timothy’s Methodist Church. That contradance used a march mixer as its first dance, and the tune came to her whilst working on a set to play for it.”