Laeg De Maw*

Key: G/D

Form: March (or reel?)


X: 1
T:Laeg de Maw
S:unknown, photocopy
I:speed 250
|:B2B2 d4 | G2G2 B4 | c2cB AcBA | G2B2 d4 |
B2B2 d4 | G2G2 B4 | c2cB AcBA | G2B2 G4 :|
|: EF | ABAF ABAF | ABdA fAaA | g2gf egfe | f2fe d2FG |
ABAF ABAF | ABdA fAaA | gagf dgfe |[1d2f2d2 FG:|[2 d2f2 d2  |

MP3: (played by David Kaynor)

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Region: Denmark

*Notes:  The Danish spelling of this title is possibly wrong. Can you help?