Joskvarnleken, aka Jos Mill tune, The

Key: A

Form: Långdans


X: 1
T: Joskvarnleken
R: Vals
S: Utlärd av Perjos Lars Halvarsson
Z: Karin Arén
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: A
va3 b ag | a2 g2 eg | g2 f2 d2 | e2 (c2 A2) | A6 |
va3 b ag | a2 g2 eg | g2 f2 d2 | e6 |1 e4 e2 :|2 z4 cd |:
ve3 f ed | C2 A2 CA | A2 F2 Ad | B2 (GA) Bc |
vd3 e dc | B2 G2 Bd | A2 uF2 uF2 |1 vG2 z2 (Bc) :|2 vG2 z4 |]

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Sheet Music in PDF:
Jos Mill, page 1
Jos Mill, page 2


Source: efter Roger Talroth

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Region: Sweden


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