Valse efter Manneberg, Östgötavals

Key: D

Form: Waltz

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MP3: Played by Pam Bockes

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As Played by David Surette (approx.)

Östgötavals, courtesy of Rune Johansson. See Notes below.









Sheet Music in PDF:
Vals Efter Manneberg


Source (if known): Allan Manneberg

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Region: Sweden

*Notes:  Rune Johansson writes: “The Manneberg family used to live in the little village Svinhult where my mother was born and grew up. Carl was the pastor of the parish, played the flute and draw paintings. His son Allan learned to play the fiddle, learned tunes from his father and also composed a number of tunes. Allan’s tunes are in a traditional style. The old way of learning tunes was “by ear”. I guess Allan knew how to write down his tunes. I found a version of the waltz, the correct title is “Östgötavals”, which means it´s a waltz from the province Östergötland. 

“[Here is] a painting I found on the Internet. It was made by Carl Manneberg in 1899 and shows the “center” part of Svinhult.”