Golden Slippers (Dem Golden Slippers)

Key: G*

Form: Reel


AB \
| "A"c2c2 cBAB | c2c2 c2AB | c2c2 d3c | "E7"c2B2 B2GA | B2B2 BAGA | B2B2 B2GA | B2d2 c2B2 |1 "A"B2A4 \
:|2 "A"B2A6 : |
|| "A"E6 A2 | c2B2 A2G2 | "D"F6 A2 | "Bm"d2c2 B2A2 | "E7"G3E G2A2 |1 "E7"B2B2 B2E2 | "A"A2E2 A2B2 | c8 \
:|2 "E7"B2B2 B2d2 | c3d c2B2 | "A"A6 |]

MP3*: (Provided courtesy of the Hook family)

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Harmonized low

Harmonized high & low, page 1

Harmonized high & low, page 2









Source:  James A, Bland (1879)*

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Region: USA

*Notes:  This tune is often played in either D or A, and occasionally in G.  The ABC above is in A, the MP3 and sheet music in G, and the YouTube video is in G.

“James Bland,composer of this song, also wrote ‘Carry Me Back To Old Virginny,’ was one of the best black composers of the 19th century.” —Tom Roush