Little Nell

Key: G

Form: Reel


X: 1
T: Little Nell
C: Tony Mates
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: G
|:ef|g2ge d2B2|GBAG E2D2|[G2G,2]BG AGBG|[d3D3](D [d2D2])ef|
g2ge d2B2|GBAG E2D2|C2E2D2F2|[G3G,3](G, [G2G,2]) :|
|:GG|FGABA2F2|[G2G,2][G2B2][G2A2][G2B2]|[G3c3]([Gc] [Gc])[BG][A2G2]|
[B4G4][BG]A G2|FGABA2F2|G2B2A2B,2|C2E2D2F2|[G3G,3](G, [G2G,2]) :|


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With low harmony

Slightly different version; see Notes, below










Source (if known)Tony Mates

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Region: ? USA

*Notes: A Suggestion Form contributor sent us the second YouTube above, along with these comments on fiddle bowing, “You’ll see how she rocks the bow on the octave Ds and Gs.  The third bar she rocks the bow from the Gs to the other notes. Different kind of rocking than the octaves but that is also called rocking in old-time parlance.”