Reel à Nazaire

Key: Ador

Form: Reel


X: 1
T:Reel à Nazaire
S:Pascal Gemme workshop 4.28.17
Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion
F:à_Nazaire	 2023-05-11 182743 UT
D||EAAB cBc"v"E|z"v"DEF GEFD|EAAB cBc"v"e|z"v"edB cAAD|
EAAB cBc"v"E|z"v"DEF GEFD|EAAB cBc"v"e|z"v"edB cAAG||
+slide+[E2B2]Be dA{c}BA|G"v"g z"v"g ag{a}ge|+slide+B2 Be dA{c}BA|GABd ^cAAG|
+slide+[E2B2] Be dA{c}BA|G"v"g z"v"g ag{g}ge|+slide+B2 Be dA{c}BA|GABd ^cAAD||

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Region: New Brunswick, Canada

Notes: A tune from the Acadain tradition of New Brunswick, from the repertoire of Robert Lavoie of Pont-Lafrance, NB.