Cat in the Hopper

Key: Gdor*

Form: Jig


DGA B2c|AFF F2A|G2G g2e|fdd d2e|!
 fag fed|dcA B2c|ded d2c|dBG G2:|!
 |:g|gdg gab|agf f2a|gag gfe|fdd d2e|!
 fag fed|dcA B2c|ded d2c|dBG G2:|!


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with low accompaniment

Low harmony & accompaniment







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Cat in the Hopper
Cat in the Hopper (with low accompaniment)
Cat in the Hopper (with low harmony and accompaniment)


Source (if known): O’Carolan?

Other Tunes in Set: Mouse in the Cupboard, Spotted Dog

Region: Scotland?

*Notes: Guitar can be played with capo on third fret and Em(ish) chord positions.
This tune can be fun played in a set in the following order: Cat in the Hopper, Mouse in the Cupboard and The Spotted Dog.