Hen’s Feet and Carrots (Tŷ A Gardd)

Key: G

Form: Jig


B2 G GFG | BGG GFG | AFD DE/F/A | d2 B c2 A |
B2 G GFG | B2 G G2 B | AFA dAF | G3 :|
gba gfe | dge dcB | A2 A AB/c/d | e2 d dBd |
g2 z g2 e | d2 z d2 B | AF/G/A dAF | G3 :|

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MP3: (played by the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra)

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Source (if known): Traditional?

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Region: Denmark, Wales*

*Notes: This ABC is a bit different from our favorite version, but close enough to deserve to be posted here.

Apparently, this was originally a Danish tune, which somehow arrived in Wales at some point during the mid 20th century. It was then used as the air to a popular Welsh song. Subsequently, the tune became popular with Welsh dance musicians. –CreadurMawnOrganig on TheSession.org

VFO 14-4
VFO Fall15
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