Speed the Plough, (Old Time version)

Key:  A*

Form: Reel


T:Speed the Plow
cd|"A"e4 c4 | "E"BABd "A"cBA2 | "D"fefg "(Bm)"afed | "E"c2<B2 B2 cd |
"A"e4 c4 | "E"BABd "A"cBA2 | "D"fefg "(Bm)"afed | "E"cB3 "A"A2:|
cd|:"A"e2e2 "D"fedf | "A"ece2 "D"f3e | "D"fefg "(Bm)"afed | "E"c2<B2 B2cd |
"A"e2e2 "D"fedf | "A"ece2 "(F#m)"f3e | "D"fefg "(Bm)"afed | "E"cB3 "A"A2z2:|


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Source (if known): Traditional

Other Tunes in Set: Paddy on the Handcar

Region: England?

*Notes: There appear to be at least two major versions–possibly entirely different tunes–under this name. No fewer than 286 variations in several keys appear on John Chambers’ ABC Tune Finder website.  The ABC above, courtesy of that site, is listed as an “Old Time version” and is as close to the version we play as I could find.

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