Planxty* George Brabazon

Key: G

Form: March or hornpipe?


T:Planxty George Brabazon
g/e/|"G"d G c/B/A/G/|d G (c/B/)A/G/|"Am"e A (A/B/)c/d/|\
e A (A/B/)c/d/|"G"(e/d/)c/B/ g f/e/|"Em"(e/d/)c/B/ "C"(c/B/)A/G/|\
"D"(B/A/)G/E/ (D/E/)G/A/|"G"B G G||
||(g/a/)|"G"b (g/b/) "D"a (f a)|"C"g (e/g/) (e/d/)c/B/|\
"Am"e A (A/B/)c/d/|e A A (g/a/)|"G"b (g/b/) "D"a (f/a/)|\
"C"g (e/g/) (e/d/)c/B/|"D"(c/B/)A/G/ (D/E/)G/A/|"G"B G G|]

MP3: PLayed by Art Edelstein and Tim Newcomb)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Planxty George Brabazon


Source: Turlough Carolan (aka O’Carolan)

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Region: Ireland

*Notes: Derek Bell, in an interview in Art Edelstein’s book Fair Melodies, is quoted saying “Nobody knows the meaning of the word Planxty.  [One theory] was that Carolan was fascinated by hearing the priests talk Latin and he loved it but couldn’t speak any.  So he wanted to pretend to his own learning and had such a musical ear that he was able to make up his own fake Latin….  A word like Planxty [was] an onomatopoetic reference to the plunking of the wire harp string and he decided to make up his own word and that was the end of it.  That’s my theory.”