Steamboat, the (Hornpipe)

Key: F*

Form: Hornpipe


K: Gmaj*
(3def|:g2 bg d2 gd|BcdB G2 AB|cded cBAG|
|(3FGF EF D2 ef|g2 bg d2 gd|BcdB GBAB|
cedc BGAF||1 DGGF G2 (3def:|2 DGGF GABc||
|:dcdB gfgd|e^dec a^gae|~f3 e dfaf|
gage de (3fed|g2 bg d2 gd|BcdB GBAB|
cedc BAGF|1 AGGF GABc:|2 AGGF G2 (3def||


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steamboat-the    steamboat-the-harmonized-low
Melody                            Harmonized Low

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Region: Northumbria, England

*Notes:  The ABC and YouTube above are in G major, unlike David Kaynor’s F major version in the MP3 clip and sheet music.