Lévis Beaulieu

Key:  A

Form: Reel


X: 1
T:Lévis Beaulieu
ed |: c2AA AcBA | FBAF E3A | BABc d2B2 | AAAc efed |
c2AA AcBA | FBAF E3A | BABc dBed |1 c2A2 A2ed :|2 c2A2 A2ce |:
a2ab a=ged | cAce a2ef | =g2ga ged=c | B=GBd =g2 (3efg |
a2ab a=ged | cAce a2ee | efec dBed |1 c2A2A2 ce :|2 c2A2 A4 |]

MP3: (Played by Susan Reid)

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Source: Trad.

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Region: Quebec

Notes: From the repertoire of Lévis Beaulieu, a diatonic accordéon player with the influential Quebec group “Les Montagnards Laurentiens”. Beaulieu was a later addition to the group (which had been formed in 1931), playing with them from 1945 through their disbanding in 1962. The tune has since become a contra-dance favorite.