New Rigged Ship, Da

Key: Ador

Form: Reel


"Em"eg |\
 "Am"a2ab ageg | "Am"a2ab "D7"agef |\
 "G"g2gg "D(A7)"fgag | "D"f2d2 d2 :|
 |: "E7"ed |\
 "A"^cAcA "E7"B2ed | "A"^cAcA "E7"E2ed |\
 "A"^cAcA "E7"B2ed | "A"^c2A2 A2 :|
 |: AB |\
 "C"cdec "G"BcdB | "D"ABAF "Em"GFE2 |\
 "C"cdec "G"BcdB | "Am"c2A2 A2 :|


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MIDInew rigged jc


Source (if known): Trad

Other Tunes in Set: Da Full Rigged Ship

Region: Shetland

NotesTom Anderson’s notes:
“A traditional reel from the playing of the late Peter Fraser of
Finnigarth, Waas. The tune celebrates the rigging out with new sails
and mast of a fishing boat, which the owner proudly calls a ship.”