Wonder, The (hornpipe)

Key: G

Form: Hornpipe


|:(3DEF | GdBG FcAF | (3GFG BG D2GF | EGAB cBAG |Fd (3d^cd ed=cA|
GdBG FcAF | (3GFG BG D2GF | Eedc BAGF|A2G2 G2 :|
|:AG | FAd^c dBAG | FAd^c dfed | ^cdef (3gfe ^ce | d^cde d2 =c2 |
BcBA ^GBe2 | ABA=G FAd2 | egfe (3ded (3cBA | GgdB G2 :||


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Source (if known): Newcastle fiddle player James Hill (around 1850)

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Region: England

Notes:  So named because guitarists always wonder where that E chord in the B part came from.