Key:  D

Form:  Two-step


T:Loggieville Two-Step
C:Matilda Murdoch
G:Two-Steps ~ Canadian
F:Tunes Home Page - http://fiddle.nhcountrydance.com/the-tunes.html
A2d2 |\
"D" f2ff f2sa2 | "D" d2dd d2f2  | "D" A2AA A2d2 | "D" F6 GF   |\
"A7" E2EE E2F2 | "A7" G4 F2E2   | "D" F2FF F2G2 | "D" A4 A2d2 |
"D" f2ff f2sa2 | "D" d2dd d2f2  |"D" A2AA A2d2  | "D" F6 GF   |\
"A7" E2EE E2F2 | "A7" G2A2 B2c2 |"D" d2dd  d2d2 | "D" .d4     ||
A,2B,2 |\
"D" D2DD D2E2 | "D" F2D2 A,2D2 |"D" F2FF F2G2 | "D" A4 A2d2 |\
"A7" c2>d2 ((3cdc)B2 | "A7" G2>F2 E2G2 |"G;A7" B2>c2 ((3BcB)A2 |"D" F4 A,2B,2 |
"D" D2DD D2E2 |"D" F2D2 A,2D2 | "D" F2FF F2G2 |"D" A4 A2d2 |\
"A7" c2d2   c2((3BcB) | "A7" A2G2 F2E2 | "D" D2DD D2D2 | "D" D4 |]

MP3: (played by Susan Reid and Leeds Brewer)

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YouTube: Matilda Murdoch playing her Loggieville Two-step at age 90

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Source (if known): Matilda Murdoch

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Region: New Brunswick, Canada

– Loggieville is a village in New Brunswick, now part of city of Miramichi

– Matilda Murdoch: fiddler, Miramichi, New Brunswick. She received the Order of Canada in 2010
– Record: Ivan Hicks, Friendly Fiddling, The Maritime Way
Can anyone tell me, through the Suggestion Form, if this tune is copyrighted? Ms. Murdoch was in her early 90s in 2010.