Bay of Fundy Reel

Key: D

Form: Reel


fg |: a2 ab afdf | afbf a2 ef | gfga ge=ce | geae g2 fg |
a2 ab afdf | afbf a2 ef | gfeg fedf |1 ecAc d2 fg :|2 ecAc d2 cB ||
|: Adfd edfd | Bdgd Bdgd | Adfd Adfd | cAcd efec |
Adfd edfd | Bdgd Bdgd | fedf edce |1 d2 f2 d2 cB :|2 d2 f2 d2 z2 ||

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Sheet Music in PDFBay Of Fundy (reel) on The Session


Source (if known): Bill Guest (copyright)

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Region: Canada, Nova Scotia