Autumn Waltz, The

Key: A

Form: Waltz

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MP3: (Played by Rebecca R. Weiss.)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Autumn Waltz


Source: David Kaynor*

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Region: Massachusetts, USA

*Notes: Although the sheet music above shows this tune as copyrighted in 1980 by David Kaynor, before his death he asked me to remove all copyright notations for his compositions on this site; he wanted them all to be in the public domain.

In 1985 David wrote, “I wrote this waltz specifically for the wedding of Michael and Karen McKernan. Michael had been a continuous source of support, encouragement, and inspiration for me – first as a musician and then later on, when I stared to call. I was invited to their wedding, and at the reception asked others to play it with me. A whole throng of musicians sight-read it on the spot (musical literacy is common in our area) and the Shriners’s Hall really rang. Karen died the following year, and I’ve played this waltz for her ever since.”