A Long Goodbye

Key: G

Form: Air


T:A Long Goodbye
C:David A. Kaynor March 2021
|:"D"DG2A2|"G"B3B B2A2|c2B4A2|"Em"G3AGF3|G4G2F2|

MP3: (played by Rebecca Weiss)

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Melody & low harmony, p.1

Melody & low harmony, p. 2








Sheet Music in PDF: Long Goodbye  (Harmonized Low)


Source: David A Kaynor (copyright)

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Region: New England, USA

Notes: David says, “The phrases of this air have been in my head and heart since the spring of 1989 when my youngest sister Jody was dying. Thirty-two years of dithering seemed long enough, and Rebecca is here and willing to play my compositions, so I finally pulled the phrases together and transcribed it. I hope people like it and play it.”

Composed in 2021 by David Kaynor on an eye gaze computer using EasyABC while dealing with ALS.