Calum’s Road

Key: D

Form: Strathspey


X: 3
T: Calum's Road
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:"D"D2A>F "F#m"A3A | "G"B<d d>c "Bm"B>A F<A |"G"B2 d>E "D"F2 E<D | "Em"B,<D (3DEF "A"E4 |
"D"D2A>F "F#m"A3A | "G"B<d d>c "Bm"B>A F<A |"G"B2 d>E "D"F2 E<D |1 "A"B,<D D>E "D"D4 :|2 "A"B,<D D>E "D"D2F>A ||
|: "G"B2d>c "Em"B4 | "A"A>B A<E "D"F2F>A |"G"B2d>c "Bm"B3A | "Em"d2d>e "F#m"(3fed (3dBA |
"G"B2d>c "Em"B4 | "F#m"A>B A<E "D"F2F>A |"G"B2 d>E "Bm"F2 E<D | "A"B,<D D>E "D"D4 :|


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Sheet Music in PDF: Calum’s Road


Source (if known): Donald Shaw of Capercaillie

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Region: Scotland

*Notes: Susan Reid who contributed this MP3 for the site, noted, “This is not quite the same as the dots, or the other recording you have [likely the Capercaillie YouTube above], which is lovely. This is just how I learned it.”

Historical background:
Malcolm Macleod  (1911 – 1988) was a crofter who famously built Calum’s Road on the Island of Raasay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. He was Local Assistant Keeper of Rona Lighthouse and the part-time postman for the north end of Raasay.

After decades of unsuccessful campaigning by the inhabitants of the north end of Raasay for a road, and several failed grant applications, Calum decided to build the road himself. Purchasing Thomas Aitken’s manual, Road Making & Maintenance: A Practical Treatise for Engineers, Surveyors and Others (London, 1900) for half a crown, he started work, replacing the old narrow footpath. Over a period of about ten years (1964–1974), he constructed one and three quarter miles of road between Brochel Castle and Arnish, using little more than a shovel, a pick and a wheelbarrow. Several years after its completion, the road was finally adopted and surfaced by the local council. By then, Calum and his wife, Lexie, were the last inhabitants of Arnish.