Dark as a Dungeon

Key: D*

Form: Waltz (Ballad)


X: 1
T: Dark As A Dungeon
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
ED|C2 C2 CD|E2 G2 G2|A2 c2 (cd)|d4 c2|e2 e3 d|c2 G2 GG|A2 c3 c|A(GG4|G4)ED|C2C2CD|E2 G2 G2|A2 c2 (cd)|
d4 cc|e2 e3 d|c2 G2 G2|A2 c3 c|A(G G4|G4) GG|G2 d3 e|d2 B2 G2|c2 c3 A|G4 GG|F2 d3 e|
d2 B2 GG|c2 c2 A2|G4 ED|C4 CD|E4 GG|A2 c2 cd|d6-|d4 cc|e2 e3 d|
c2 G2 G2|A2 c3 c|A(G G4|G4)||

MP3: (Played by George Belcher)

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Sheet Music in PDF: dark-as-a-dungeon


Source: Trad?

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Region: Appalachia, USA

*Notes: Most references I found show the tune in C rather then D as in the MP3 above, but being a ballad, it is usually played in a key suited to the singer’s range as in Merle Travis’s classic rendition above in A.