World Turned Upside Down (When the King Enjoys/Receives His Own Again)

Key:  D

Form: March


X: 1
P: the World Turned Upside Down   [D]  (When the King Receives His Own Again)
O: England 1632
M: C|
L: 1/8
F:	 2005-01-28 18:45:20 UT
K: D
 cB \
| "D"A2 A2 d2 d2 | "A7"efga "D"f2 ef | "G"g2 B2 c2 f2 | "A7"e3 c A4 \
| "D"A2 A2 d2 d2 | "A7"efga "Bm"f2 ef | "Em"g2 B2 "A7"c2 f2 | "A7"e3 d "D"d2 :|
|: "D"d2 \
| "A"e2 cd e2 A2 | "A"edef e2 A2 | "A"edef e2 dc | "E7"B3 A "A"A4 \
| "D"a3  g f2 ed | "Em"efga "Bm"f2 ef | "Em"g2 B2 "A7"c2 f2 | "A7"e3 d "D"d2 :|

MP3: (played by Randy Miller and Roger Kahle)

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Source: Martin Parker*

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Region: England

*Notes: “‘When the King Enjoys His Own Again,’ a Cavalier ballad written c. 1632 by Martin Parker during the English Civil War. ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ broadside lyrics were first published in 1643 as a protest against Puritan-advocated laws solemnifying the celebration of Christmas in Britain. The original became a popular Jacobite ballad, and was used as Jacobite marching music. This tune was reportedly played by British General Cornwallis’ band at his surrender at Yorktown, and possibly on other such occasions.”
–Quouted from a comment on by BarbaryAnne.