Vice President Kamala Harris’ Hornpipe

Key: B♭

Form: Hornpipe


T:Vice President Kamala Harris' Hornpipe
C:© January 2021 Rebecca Rose Weiss
|:"Bb"B2FD B,3 D| "Eb"EDCE "Bb"DB, B,2 | "F"A,B,CD "Eb"EFGA | "Bb"BcdB "F"cAFA | 
"Bb"B2FD B,3 D | "Eb"EDCE "Bb"DB, B,2 | "Cm"A,B,CD "F"EFGA |1 "Eb"B2"F"BA "Bb"B4 :|2 "Eb"B2"F"BA "Bb"B3 g||
|:"Bb"f2b2 b3g | "Bb"fbdf "Gm"Bdfd | "F"c2a2 a3g |  "Cm"facf "F"Acfc | 
"Bb"B2b2 b3g | "Bb"fbdf "Gm"Bdfd | "Cm"cdef "F"gfaf |1 "Eb"b2"F"ba "Bb"b3g :|2 "Bb"bgfd "F"cBAc || 
"last time""Eb"b2"F"ba "Bb"b4 |]


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Guitar capo 3 & G chords to achieve B♭. Transposition by Jacob Stone.









Sheet Music in PDF:
Vice President Kamala Harris’ Hornpipe
VP Kamala Harris’ Hornpipe, guitar capo 3 & G chords to achieve Bb


Source: Rebecca R Weiss (copyright)

Other Tunes in Set: Purple and Pearls*

Region: New England USA

*Notes: Rebecca writes, “I was writing a hornpipe in B♭ in the style of the old presidential hornpipes, but Kamala Harris is not like those folks the old hornpipes are about,  she is too new and different for that…. So, I present to you Vice President Kamala Harris’ Hornpipe- in the style of the older government hornpipes, but with something new and different. Note that the turnaround at the end of the B part was added after the YouTube video was made, so see the recording and PDF for the updated version. It makes a fun (if unusual) medley with Purple and Pearls, by Gianna Marzilli Ericson and Susan Reid. Try the medley if you dare!”