Cuckoo’s Nest, The (aka The Cuckoo)

Key: Em (or Edor?)

Form: Barndance*


|: E>F |G2 G>F E2 e2 | B>cB>G A2 (3cBA | G>FE>^D E2 G>B | A>G (3GFE D2 E>F |
G>AG>F E2 e2 | B2 B2 A2- A>B | F>A (3GFE D2 (3DEF | G2 E2 E2 :|
|: (3B^cd |e2- e>e e2 f>e | ^d2 B>^A B2- B>^c | d2- d>d d>Be>d | ^c2 A2 A2- A>F |
G>AF>G E2- E>e | B2 (3BAG A2- A>B | F2 F>E D>F (AGF | G2 E2 E2 :|

MP3: (Played by Susan Reid)

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Source: Trad? Can you help?

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Region: Wales

*Notes: Susan Reid writes, “This is a Welsh tune, not to be confused
with a pretty common southern tune.”

I’m not confident of the “correctness” of the ABC or sheet music above.  There are literally thousands of versions of this tune in every imaginable key and tempo.  See the listings on JC’s ABC Tune Find.  The one Susan plays in the MP3 above is the one I’m most familiar with.