Ida Red

Key: A (or G*)

Form: March?


X: 1
T:Ida Red
B:Kuntz - Ragged but Right
Z: Contributed 2016-03-09 15:35:38 by JIm Gaskins email hidden; JavaScript is required
F: 2019-04-10 131056 UT
c>c BB|A/B/A/F/ EF|AA/c/ B/A/F|EF AA/B/|cc/c/ BB|
A/B/A/F/ EE/F/|AA/c/ B/A/F|EF A>(c||
c/)e/e [ee][ee]|c/A/B AA|B/A/B/A/ c/A/B|E/E/F AA|
c/B/c/d/ ee|c/d/e AA|B/A/B/A/ cB|E/F/A A2||


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Ida Red the song, by Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys, 1951:

Source (if known): Trad? Can you help?

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Region: USA

*Notes: Played in at least these two keys, especially to match singers’ ranges.