The Holly Tree (Y Gelynnen)

Key: D*

Form: March?


T:The Holly Tree (Y Gelynnen)
B:Singing Together, Autumn 1971, BBC Publications
M:2/4     %Meter
L:1/16     %
F2 |D2F2 D2F2 |D2F2 A3A |B2B2 e3d | c2 A6 |
d3d D2F2 |D2F2 B3A |G2(FG) E2A2 | F2 D6 |
DEFG A2A2 |DEFG A3A |B2B2 e3d | c2 A6 |
d3d D2F2 |D2F2 B3A |G2(FG) E2A2 | F2 D6 |]

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Including violin tab

Sheet Music in PDF: The Holly Tree, Y Gelynnen, including violin tab.


Source: Dalwyn Henshall

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Region: Wales

*Notes: As a song, this is often played and sung in whatever key suits the singer(s).