Key: G

Form: Reel


C:David A. Kaynor March 2021
|: DF   | "G"G3A  BDBrD  | "C"EGcE "D" DFAF | \
"G"G3A  BDBD  | "Am"ADcD "D" d2DF      |
"G"G3A  BDBD | "C" EGcE "D"DFAFw  | \
"G"G3A "Am" BDAD  | "D"DGGF "G" G2  :|
|: AB | "C"c3d  "Am" e2dc   | "D"Bdgf "G" g2eg  | \
"Am"a3b aeag  | "D"fAeA d2AB|
"C"yc3d "Am"e2dc|"D"Bdgf  "Em"g2AB|\
"C" c2dc "Am"BDAD|"D"DGGF "G" G2:|

MP3: (Played by Rebecca Weiss)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Villagers


Source: David A Kaynor (copyright)

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Region: USA, New England

Notes: Composed in 2021 by David Kaynor on an eye gaze computer using EasyABC while dealing with ALS.  David writes, “I’ve lived in the village of Montague Center since the spring of 1982. This tune acknowledges the many people in this little community who have been and continue to be big, positive presences in my life. It’s true that I already acknowledged them in the jig Sustainers, but what the heck, honoring good people twice seems totally fine to me!”