Will the Circle be Unbroken

Key: C*

Form: Song


X: 1
T:Will The Circle Be Unbroken (#63)
C:Charles H. Gabriel (music) and Ada Ruth Habershon (words), 1908
C:A P Carter, 1931-39 (adaptation)
|A, B,|"D"D2 D2-|D2 F E|D2 F2-|F2 F E|"G"D3 E
|D2 B,2|"D"A,4-|A,2 A, B,|D2 D2-|D2 F A|A2 F2-
|F2 "^TAG"D E|F2 F2|E2 ("A"F E)|"D"D4-|D2||

MP3: (played by Randy Hough)

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Sheet Music in PDF: WillTheCircleBeUnbroken


Source: Charles H. Gabriel (music) and Ada Ruth Habershon (words), 1908, A P Carter adaptation. 

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Region: Appalachia, USA

*Notes: The guitar audio MP3 above is played in C but, being a song, this tune is played in various keys to suit singers’ ranges.  The ABC and sheet music above are in D and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band video is sung by Johnny Cash in A.