Maple Sugar

Key: A/D*

Form: March


T:Maple Sugar
C:Ward Allen
N:"Use lots of E string double stops (mostly open).
N:E.g. 1st note of 1st full measure."
Z:Transcribed by Steve Fry from Ward Allen's recording
A cdO|:"A"e2 e>f ed cB|Bd c/B/A dc|"E"cB Bc d>(c c)B/c/|
"D"d(c c/)B/c/d/ "A"c/B/A cd|e2e2e2 e>d|dc c/B/A Bd|"E"cB2c d>(c c)G|
|1 "A"B(A A/)G/A/B/ A"to Coda"O A cd:|2 "A"B(A A/)G/A/B/ Az CD||"A"E2 E>F EC EA|
c2 c>c AEFE|"E"B2 B>A BGFG|"A"A>(G G)F ECDF|E2 E>F EC EA|
BB AEFE|"E"B2 B>c BGFG|1 "A"B A2 B A z CD:|
|2 "A"A A>B .AAcd!D.S.!O||\
O"Coda"GA|"E"B2 B>c BG Be|g2 g>f eB cB|
"B"f2 f>g fd cd|1 "E"e>(d d)c BGAc:|2 "E"e2 e>f eA c=d!D.S.O!||


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Sheet Music in PDF*: Maple Sugar



Source (if known): Ward Allen

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Region: Canada (Ontario)

*Notes: There seems to be quite a lot of confusion about keys for this tune.  The MP3 clip is A/D; but the tune was apparently written in A/E as in the sheet music and ABC, transcribed by Steve Fry from Ward Allen’s recording. See the video above with the composer,Ward Allen, playing it.