Rosebud of Allenvale*

Key: A

Form: Waltz


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e>d |\
"A"c3 d c2 | "E7"B3 A B2 | "A"A6 | A2 B2 c2 |\
"D"d3 e f2 | "A"e2 A2 c2 | "E"B6 | "E7"B4 ed |
"A"c3 d e2 | "A7"A2 B2 c2 | "D"d4 e2 | f4 a>f |\
"A"e2 A2 d2 | "E7"c4 B2 | "A"A6 | A4 :|
|: c>d |\
"A7"e3 f =g2 | f4 e2 | "D"d6 | d4 e2 |\
"B7"f3 g a2 | g4 f2 | "E7"e6 | e2 f2 g2 |
"A"a2 e2 c2 | "A7"A4 =G2 | "D"F2 A2 d2 | f4 a>f |\
"A"e2 A2 d2 | "E7"c4 B2 | "A"A6 | A4 :|

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Youtube: Rosebud is the first tune on this recording of the late great Cape Breton Fiddler, Buddy MacMaster, but the rest is well worth hearing, a wonderful example of a classic Cape Breton set: Rosebud of Allenvale /Tom Dey / Miss Dale / Maggie Cameron / The Devil in the Kitchen / Margaree / St. Kilda Wedding / Elizabeth’s Big Coat / Bridge of Bamore.

Source (if known): J Scott Skinner

Other Tunes in Set: Tom Dey

Region: Cape Breton

*Notes:  This tune is known by a variety of other names including (but not limited to) Rosebud of Avondale and Rosebud of Avonmore.