Robertson’s Reel

Key: A

Form: Reel


|:AB|c2Bc e2cB|ABAF E2AB|c2Bc ecAc|B6 AB|
c2Bc e2cB|ABAF E2AB|cBce BABe|A6:|
|:cd|e2ce a2ga|fece e2cd|e2ce a2ga|f6 ef|
a2A2 A2cB|ABAF E2AB|cBce BABe|A6:|

MP3: (played by David Kaynor)

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Robertson's-Reel    Robertson's-Reel---Harmonized    Robertson's-Reel-(three-voice)
Melody                                Harmonized                     3-voice harmony

Link (Midi or Youtube): Robertson’s

Source (if known): Tom Andreson

Other Tunes in Set: da Tushkar, Scollay’s Reel

Region: Shetland


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