Les soeurs Cotnoir

Key: G

Form: 2/2 square reel


T: Les Soeurs Cotnoir - Reel 
T: (By Eric Favreau) 
M: 4/4 
L: 1/8 
|:"G" B2GB "D"A2FD|"G"GDB,D DGAB|"C"c2Ac "G"B2 GB|"D"Adfe dcBA| 
"G" B2GB "D"A2FD|"G"GDB,D DGAB|"C"cdef fgge|[M:6/4]"G"d2BB "D"cAFF "G"G4:| 
|:"G"Bddd "D"cAFD|"G"G2 DB, G,B,DB,|"C"CDEG cBAG|"D"FGAF D4| 
"G"Bddd "D"cAFD|"G"G2 DB, G,B,DB,|"C"CDEG cBAG|"D"FGAF "G"G4:|

MP3: (played by Susan Reid)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Soeurs Cotnoir


Source: Éric Favreau

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Region: Québec

Notes: From Éric’s Patreon account, written I think by Pascal Gemme: “Here’s a very pretty melody composed by Eric Favreau, a Quebecois fiddler who’s originally from the Sherbrooke region.  This square reel in the key of G major works great for dances.  It is also quite enjoyable at a more relaxed tempo for an afternoon jam on the porch.  Bonne pratique!”