Puppeteer, the

Key:  G*

Form: Jig


X: 1
T: the Puppeteer
C: Keith Murphy
R: jig
Z: 2013 John Chambers 
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: G
D !segno!|:\
"G"G2G "D7"ABA | "G"G3 G2A | "G"B2B "(C)"cde | "D7"d3 dBc |\
"G"d2d "D7"def | "Em"gdc "G"BAG | "C"cde "G"dcB | "Am"A3 [1 "D7"ABA :|2 "D7"ABc ||
"G"B2g gfg | "D7"agf "G"gfg | "D"a2d "(G)"d2b | "D"a3 aga |\
"Em"b2b "D"agf | "C"gfe "G"dcB | "Am"cde "G"dcB | "D7"A3 [1 ABc :|[2 AGF !segno!|]

MP3: (played the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra)

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Sheet Music:




Melody & harmony







Midi: Puppeteer

Source: Keith Murphy (copyright Keith Murphy, Black Isle Music)

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Region: USA

*Notes:  The ABC and midi above are in the original key, G major, but the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra learned it in D major, as reflected in the sheet music and MP3 above.

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