Trip to Moscow

Key: Am*

Form: March


"Gm"d>d cc | ddG G/A/ | BBAG | "F"c2 {B}c2|
"Gm"d>d cc | ddG G/A/ | "Gm"BB"F"A/G/ F | "Gm"{F}G2G2:|
"Gm"GA/B/ AG | "F"FG "Dm"D2 |"Gm"GA/B/ AG | "F"c2 {B}c2|
"Gm"GA/B/ AG | "F"F_E "Dm"D2 |"Gm"GA/B/"F"AG | "Gm"{F}G2G2:|


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Am melody

Gm melody







Link (Midi or Youtube*):

Source (if known): Northumbrian March from Rachel Maloney.  –JC’s ABC Tune Finder

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Region: Northumbria, England

*Notes:  The ABC and YouTube above are in Gm while the MP3 and left sheet music are in Am and the right sheet music is in Gm.