Polska fr. Gimdalen (Innerståfrid’n)

Key: Gm

Form: Senpolska


|:{/^f}g d3/2 c/ | e3/4d/4 (d3/4c/4) (c3/4A/4) | {/c}(B/4A/4B/4c/4d) B/2(c/4B/4) | A/(B/4A/4) G/(B/4G/4) ^F/D/ |
{/^f}g d3/2 c/ | (e3/4d/4) (d3/4c/4) (c3/4A/4) | (B/4A/4B/4c/4d) B/2(c/4B/4) | (A/^F/) G2 :|
|: (B/4c/4B/4A/4) G3/4A/4 B3/4c/4 | d3/4g/4 (^f3/4g/4) d | {/^f}g3/4(f/4 g3/4)(b/4 a3/4)g/4 | (=f3/4g/4) f3/4=e/4 d |
{/^f}g d3/2 c/ | (_e3/4d/4) (d3/4c/4) (c3/4A/4) | {/c}(B/4A/4B/4c/4d) B/2(c/4B/4) | (A/^F/) [GB,]2 :|

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Sheet Music:


MIDI: Innerståfrid’n

Source (if known): Traditional?

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Region: Sweden

Notes: Innerståfrid’n translates to “Inner peace”.

As Aaron Marcus notes, “As Lisa Brooks (dance teacher) informs me, the polska from Gimdalen is the slowest polska dance anywhere in Sweden.  I got to play it for dancers at Nordic Fiddles and Feet.  It has really deep knee bends.”