Tune of the Week

A new tune each Wednesday (more or less) chosen arbitrarily by your Webmaster, a mixture of traditional and new, but traditional in style, tunes.  Site visitors are encouraged to nominate tunes for this page via the Suggestion Form.

This week’s tune:

Lonesome Moonlight Waltz, a haunting waltz in F by the immortal Bill Monroe, including mandolin tab.

Last week’s tune:

New Brunswick Waltz  My family and I were lucky enough to live in Fredericton, New Brunswick for several years and this old waltz brings back sweet memories.

Recent Tunes of the Week:

  • Rosebud of Allenvale, Originally Scottish, by J. Scott Skinner, this lovely waltz is popular in Cape Breton.  Don’t miss the wonderful playing of the great Cape Breton fiddler, Buddy MacMaster, in the YouTube.
  • The King’s Wedding March, said to have been composed cooperatively by a number of musicians from different parts of Sweden, to be played for the king on the occasion of his wedding.  The date is uncertain but likely 19th century.
  • Father Pat’s Hornpipe. This delightful hornpipe, was contributed to the North Atlantic Tune List by its composer, Peter Clayton, who wrote “I would be delighted if people like it enough to learn and share it.”
  • The Boys of Bluehill, a jaunty Irish hornpipe.
  • Montague Processional.  In honor of its composer, David Kaynor (see Quilter’s Quickstep below), I offer this wonderful reel which has, for me, an almost anthem-like quality, and perfectly represents David’s spirit.
  • Quilter’s Quickstep.  The incomparable David Kaynor passed peacefully June 1st, surrounded by friends and music.  Even while almost totally paralyzed by ALS, he continued composing tunes almost to the last.  Quilter’s Quickstep is the very last one he wrote, less than a week before leaving us.  Rest in peace, David.