Tune of the Week

A new tune each Wednesday (more or less) chosen arbitrarily by your Webmaster, a mixture of traditional and new tunes, but in traditional styles.  Site visitors are encouraged to nominate tunes for this page via the Suggestion Form.

This week’s tune:

Blind Mary, a beautiful and haunting air by Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738).

Last week’s tune:

Polska in G (David Kaynor Went Running up the Stairs). “David Kaynor went running up the stairs” is a mnemonic device some of us devised to help us remember how the tune starts.  Try singing it to the opening notes.

Recent Tunes of the Week:

  • You Married my Daughter But You Didn’t, a great Quebecois (or Acadian?) reel said to have been composed by a bride’s parent for the priest who performed the marriage.
  • A Week in January by Seamus Egan, a lyrical slow air.
  • Amelia, a lovely waltz by the late, great Bob McQullen (whose day job was as a shop teacher in the Peterborough, NH high school).  Note especially the two videos.
  • Maple Sugar.  Well, it’s sugaring season here in Vermont, so…  This tune is really from Ontario but it has a Quebecois swing, to my ear.
  • Ootpik (or Ookpik) Waltz. From Canada (BC), this may have been inspired by Inu or possibly west coast First Nation cultures.(?)
  • Drummers of England, by Russ Barenberg, one of his many wonderful guitar compositions.  Don’t miss the video of Russ playing it with Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham.