Tune of the Week

A new tune each Wednesday (more or less) chosen arbitrarily by your Webmaster, a mixture of traditional and new, but traditional in style, tunes.  Site visitors are encouraged to nominate tunes for this page via the Suggestion Form.

This week’s tune:

Reel de Lévis, a charming reel named for Lévis, the small city directly across the Saint Lawrence River from Québec City.

Last week’s tune:

Kerry Sunset Waltz, Previously posted as “Can you name this tune?”  This waltz came up at a recent jam but no one knew its name.  Turns out it’s Kerry Sunset Waltz by John Mowad 1997, inspired ay a beautiful sunset he saw while in Kerry.

Recent Tunes of the Week:

  • Great Uncle Henry The name sounds like an old-timey American tune, but the tune was composed by Emma Reid, of Scottish and Swedish musical traditions.
  • My Cape Breton Home by the late, great Cape Breton Fiddler, Jerry Holland, unofficially Cape Breton’s ‘national’ anthem.
  • Tippin’ Back the Corn,  Usually played at warp speed, this tune is also fun played more slowly.
  • Spiderweb Canyon, a sweet tribute to her grandfather by Katie Pressley of Brasstown, North Carolina, friend and protégé of David Kaynor.
  • Blueberry Island Waltz, a beautiful waltz in F major, composed by our very good friend, Susan Reid.
  • Luke the Bear, by David Kaynor and arranged by him in the order Michael Robinson/Luke the Bear/Flagstaff for the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra in 2017.
  • Boda Waltz,  aka Bodavalsen.  A sweet waltz from western Dalarna in Sweden.