Cuil Aodha (polka)*

Key: A*

Form: Polka


X: 1
T: The Cuil Aodha
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
Ac EF|A>A Af|ec BA|e/f/e/c/ Bc/B/|
Ac EF|A>A Af|ec BA/B/|1 cA AE:|2 cA A|]
B|ce ce|a2 af|ec BA|e/f/e/c/ BA|
[1 ce ce|a2 af|ec BA/B/|cA A:|
[2 Ac EF|A>A Af|ec BA/B/|cA A|]

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Sheet Music in PDF: The Cuil Aodha (polka)

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Other Tunes in Set: Leather Away the WattleBallyvourney polka. Here are all three tunes as a set, played in order, Leather Away, Ballyvourney and Cuil Aodha:


Region: Ireland

*Notes: There appears to be at least a slide and a jig, both by this name but clearly different tunes.