Girl I Left Behind Me, The, aka An Spailpín Fánach

Key: C*

Form: March


X: 1
T: The Girl I Left Behind Me
R: march
M: C
L: 1/4
K: G
g/f/ | "G"ed BG | "C"AG "D"E>D | "G"GG G/A/B/c/ | "D7"d2 Bg/f/ |
"G"ed BG | "C"AG E>G | "D7"FA DE/F/ | "G"G2 G :|
|: d/c/ | "G"Bd "C"ef | "G"gd BG | "G"B/G/B/d/ "C"e/d/e/f/ | "D7"g2 fg/f/ |
"G"e/f/e/d/ BG | "C"A/B/A/G/ E>G | "D7"FA DE/F/ | "G"G2 G :|


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Sheet Music in PDF*: Girl I Left Behind


Source: Trad.

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Region: USA, originally Ireland

*Notes: The ABC above shows it in C but the sheet music and MP3 are in G.