Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston

Key:  A

Form: Reel


|:F| E2 CE A, ECE | Acef ecce | f2 af ecAc | dBcA BFFA |
E2 CE A, ECE | Acef ecce | F2 af ecBc | dfec A2 A :|
f | eA c2 ecBc | ABce f2 fa | eA c2 ecBc | dfec B2 Bf |
eA c2 ecBc | ABce f2 fg | agfe fgaf | ecBc A2 A :||

MP3: (Played by George Wilson)

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Link (Midi or Youtube): Sandy McIntyre’s

Source (if known): John Campbell

Other Tunes in Set:

Region: Cape Breton

Notes: VFO 14-4