Six-Huit De Petit Sarny

Key: F (Em?)*

Form: 6/8 (six-huit) but not a jig(?); seemingly a particular Québécois form.


T:Six-Huit du Petit Sarny
C:Eric Favreau
B3 Bcd | B3 BAG | EFG AGA | BGE D3 | B3 Bcd | B3 BAG | EFG AGA |1
BGG G3 :|2 BGG GBc |: dBd gdB | AGA BGE | DBB Dcc | DBB ABc | dBd gdB |
AGA BGE |1 Dgf edc | AGF G3 :|2 D3 EDE | FEF G2 B/c/ |: dBd g2f |
ece gfe | dBd gfg | a4 Bc | dBd g2f | ece g2e |  dBg fef |1 g4 Bc :|2 g6 |]

MP3: (Played by Owen Marshall)

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Sheet Music in PDF: 6-8 de Petit Sarny


Source: Éric Favreau

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Region: Québec

*Notes: Owen Marshall (guitar MP3 above), a friend of Éric Favreau, says that Éric composed this tune in F, but most of the references I find online, including the YouTube above, have it in other keys including G, D or Em.