Crags of Tumbledown Mountain

Key: G

Form: March

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Low harmony







Bass clef melody

Bass harmony

Bass clef low harmony









Sheet Music in PDF:
Crags treble melody
Crags treble harmony
Crags treble low harmony
Crags bass clef melody
Crags bass harmony
Crags bass low harmony

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Source (if known): Pipe Major James Riddell*.  Arr. Peter Macfarlane.

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Region: Scotland


Reference Ceol Na Fidhle  The Fiddle Music Of The Scottish Highlands  Vol 5 & 6 Christine Martin.  –contributed by Robert Specht

Transcribed from the playing of Scottish fiddler Ian Powrie.  This is a bagpipe march, if raised to a root of A (hence the mode of A Myxolydian).  Tumbledown Mountain is the one in the Falkland Islands, not either of those in Maine.

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