Meeting of the Waters, The

Key: D

Form: March


AB \
| "D"d2 df A2 d>c | "G"Bd BG "D"A2 d>e | fa Aa gf ed | "A7"f4 e2 AB \
| "D"d2 df A2 d>c | "G"Bd BG "D"A2 d>e | "D"fa gf "A7"gA ce | "D"d2- "G"d2- "D"d2 :|
|: fg \
| "D"a>g fa d2 fd | "G"Be | fa Aa gf ed | "A7"f4 e2 fg \
| "D"a>g fa d2 fd | "G"Be | "D"fa gf "A7"gA ce | "D"d2- "G"d2- "D"d2 :|
|: AB \
| "D"d2 d>e f2 fg | aA Bd A2 a>g | fA fg af ed | "A7"f4 e2 AB \
| "D"d2 d>e f2 fg | "D"af ed "G"B2 d>e | "D"fa gf "A7"gA ce | "D"d2- "G"d2- "D"d2 :|
|: a>g \
| "D"f2 a>g fa fA | "G"Bd gB "D"A2 d>c | "G"BG Bd gf ed | "A7"f4 e2 a>g \
| "D"f2 a>g fa fA | "G"Bd gB "D"A2 d>e | "D"fa gf "A7"gA ce | "D"d2- "G"d2- "D"d2 :|

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Sheet Music*: Click image to enlarge. To download, right-click in enlarged image and "Save as...".



Midi: Meeting


Source (if known): Traditional

Other Tunes in Set: Dusty Bob

Region: USA, Early, from earlier Scottish traditional

*Notes:  The MIDI, sheet music and ABC above seems to be two similar but not identical versions.  The first one is the one we’re familiar with.

A story goes that the waters in question are the Monongahela and Allegheny, joining in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio, and that this march was played by British troops, some of whom were under the command of a young George Washington, as they marched toward this spot intending to displace the French during the French and Indian War.